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Rural folks are special human beings for many reasons. They are brave individuals who live in deprived and isolated areas but still find some reasons to be happy. They spend a great deal of their time, cultivating all manner of foods, rearing animals and making beverages not only for themselves but the urban dwellers as well.
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In Agona Nkranfo and Agona Kokorabo in the central region of Ghana, households including women and children typical of most farming villages spend their valuable times in their farms. The farm is the source of food for their hunger and medicine for their sickness.
Distribution of treated mosquito nets
In Kokorabo, this farming community of about three hundred (300) people live in an isolated forest, have no health post, no school, no market, no reliable drinking water, no public toilet facility and yet find the reasons to smile to visitors. The village folks, who live on less than three US$3 a day, miraculously feed themselves somehow and motivate their children to walk to school at the nearest village at kwesikum which is about five (5km) kilometers away.

Kokorabo children
They however told the IGI volunteers who had gone there for a health outreach programme on malaria and bilharzia that, the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board (COCOBOD) has done well by providing solar powered lights making their nights a bit longer outside after a day’s work. The village folks indicated that, a kindergarten or nursery school at the village will make them so happy. At least the very young who can not walk several kilometers to Kwesikum, could be taught and cared for by volunteer teachers without following their parents to the  farms and getting exposed to all manner of hazards.          
 This according to the village is the top most priority need which is seeking for an urgent solution.
Nkranfo Junior High School (JHS)  

In Nkranfo, another isolated community which the IGI volunteers visited with the health outreach programme, access to education was in some distress. The community of about nine hundred and fifty (950) inhabitants predominantly farmers, have electricity, small market, and a basic school built with the assistance of the community. However, some of the school structures are in deplorable situation putting education in serious jeopardy. For example, the Junior High School (JHS) classrooms built with clay and bamboo with raffia palm as roofing are now abandoned due to destruction by rains and storm. The village which is quite populous than a normal village population, has no health post and no pipe borne water but drink from the stream and two (2) other bore holes serving the entire village. 

IGI staff educating the youth the uses of mosquito nets
Lamenting on the difficult economic terrain due to the unreliable market for their produces due to bad roads, the habitants who live on less than four US$3 expressed difficulty in accessing the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) at Agona Swedru which is about eighteen kilometers (18km) away. Despite their many predicaments, the community leaders who persuaded 

IGI volunteers to see the deplorable J.H.S. structure said “building a new J.H.S. structure for our kids will be the happiest moment for us the old who cherish quality education for our children”.

Health talk
IGI therefore thinks, these villages are inspired to build their community assets starting with their schools, so everyone living everywhere must be part of this restoration of hope for the people of Kokorabo and Nkranfo villages. This at least should also be the concern of the privileged urban folks.

IGI. Building Communities Assets.
IGI Wishing you all Happy New Year !!!

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