Saturday, 20 December 2014

IGI Inauguration

It is not enough to be a normal volunteer experiencing the adventure of working in Africa but rather a new breed of volunteer whose ideas can make the world better than it is now. Inspire Global Ideas (IGI) has therefore been inaugurated in November, 2014 to challenge volunteers living everywhere to think outside the box in solving the myriad of problems in Africa.

IGI is of the firm belief that inherent in the challenges of the deprived communities in Africa are equally the assets of solutions to them. What has been the dilemma is for the communities to identify these assets and to own the solutions because the deprived communities are overwhelmed with the problems. IGI is thus born to inspire communities to come up with ideas capable of addressing the needs in these communities through the service of volunteerism.

IGI thus wants to create the opportunity for volunteers everywhere to be part of rescuing our deprived communities through the vision of supporting local communities through international and local volunteer placements. IGI believes that through the activities of volunteers identifying the development needs of their own communities, volunteers discussing the needs and finding solutions to them will be the best approach. This alternative development approach to improving the lots of deprived communities will compel volunteers to think outside the box and own the solutions to the needs.
IGI is optimistic that the core values of creativity and innovative ideas of both local and foreign volunteers can inspire communities to help bring significant improvement in the education, community development and health which are the essential ingredients for ensuring qualitative livelihood. IGI knows for sure that, despite the enormity of the challenges in our communities, the challenges can be dealt with when the communities themselves initiate the efforts, own the remedies and implement the cures to these identified problems. This obviously can only be achieved by a new breed of volunteers who inspire others with their ideas to be actively part in improving quality education, accelerating community development and realizing quality health care.
Therefore the world is in the hands of volunteers to rescue because volunteers are altruistic, caring, adventurous, and offer important services to communities without expecting rewards. Mr. Williams Yirenkyi the Executive Director of IGI emphasized the mission of the organization at inauguration saying, volunteers living anywhere should see volunteerism as a noble calling to be part of a selfless individuals working to address community issues and building communities assets. Being a volunteer is such a proud identity and that being a volunteer capable of making and indelible impression in a community outside your home with your ideas is the greatest of service to humanity. 

African Style
The volunteers (local and foreign) who attended the inauguration expressed their enthusiasm with the vision, mission, activities, core values and the structure of IGI to provide that unique opportunity for volunteers to be part of this approach to solving community needs.
 IGI….You can Inspire.
IGI - Team 2014

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