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Surviving without reliable source of wholesome drinking water, electricity, decent toilet and a health facility in this 21st century can indeed be a perilous existence. Nothing more than struggles, strains and stress. For the inhabitants of Domeki and Brahabekum in the Agona East District of the Central region of Ghana, pipe borne water, decent toilets, basic school and health facility are unimaginable luxuries. The inhabitants of these two farming communities have been surviving on Ayensu stream as source of drinking water, walking long distances to access medical care, living without electricity in isolated forest settlement with courage and determination to live no matter what. Virtues which even the angels in heaven will be envious of.
Domoki Community
Inspire Global Ideas (IGI) were full of shock as they frighteningly went round the villages of Domeki and Brahabekum after they had finished health outreach sensitization on malaria and bilharzia on the 28th November, 2014.In Domeki, the inhabitants of about 250 including women and children all survive without a decent toilet either for the individual households or the whole community. These angels of courage rather use a dug man hole of about 6ft square with coconut stems placed with intervals serving as decks. This village folks sometimes share this toilet facility with reptiles usually snakes preying on insects in the toilet. The whole place gets flooded when the Ayensu stream which is in close proximity to the village overflows it banks especially in the rainy seasons. In 2010, 20th June for example the whole settlement was inundated by flood but somehow these village folks who did not have any alternative place of settlement came back. As the inhabitants told the IGI volunteers “we pray our settlement is not washed away again like it did in 2010.
Community washroom
Inspiring communities through volunteering.
This village does not have any basic school so children of school going age when they are not lucky to get transport to school have to walk several kilometers to a school at Oteprow another settler community closer to Domeki.
Without any source of entertainment, the people of Domeki spend a great deal of hours of their daylights in the farm and inevitably spend the rest indoors when the sun sets and gives way to total darkness in the night. 

IGI developmental programmes for 2015
Health talk.
Brahebekum, another farming community which is about a kilometer from Domeki has more inhabitants of about 700 people. Just like Domeki, Brahabekum people also drink from the Ayensu River, has no basic school and no health facility. However, these inhabitants who are predominantly farmers and alcohol makers are working so hard towards the accessibility of being connected to the national electricity grid. Having lived there all their lives, these forest angels despite their misery of deprivation of basic social amenities, work so hard to send their children to school several kilometers away.
IGI staff addressing community needs
IGI volunteers who embarked on the health outreach programme to the forest communities of Domeki and Brahabekum considered themselves privileged of having witnessed the existence of real angels living in the woods. Angels without wings and yet courageously strive to provide the essentials of human existence for their children sometimes in risky manner. 
Indeed, real angels live in the woods of Domeki and Brahabekum. But for how long will this show of bravado keeps this angels strong until another flood wash away their settlement, deadly diseases attack their children, ignorance engulfs them and snakes decide to be merciless?
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