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Children are the most precious divine gifts of every family. Motherless or fatherless, every child needs unconditional love and care from everyone whether biologically related or otherwise. In fact, they even need more love, care and protection when they are orphans, destitute or are from deprived backgrounds. 

This is a noble responsibility expected from humanity towards children of this world.
In the symbolic recognition of the need for the expression of love and care for children, IGI organized a children’s day on the 1st January, 2015 where kids from GLOVO foster home and other children from diverse backgrounds attended this children’s day. It was a beautiful spectacle as kids freely played, danced, sung, learnt and drunk together regardless of their backgrounds; rich or poor. Parents and volunteers who were also present were thought how to love and care for humanity irrespective of one’s social background from the kids who joyfully treated each other as if they were all coming from one parents.

 IGI symbolically gave assorted gifts to the children, parents and volunteers to take home which included, learning materials, toys, candies, clothes, shoes, bags, etc. The director of IGI, 
Mr. Williams Yirenkyi, emphasized the point that, this children’s day was a bit different from the usual ones which may be purposely organized for kids from orphanage and foster homes. This was because; other kids and their parents were also invited so that both kids from the orphanages and the other kids could interact together freely. After all, both kids attend schools together and that living in an orphanage or foster home does not have to be a wall around a kid as a prisoner. Additionally, some children may be living with their own parents but still need some extra love and care because some parents are deprived to fully raise their kids all alone or some parents are over protective forbidding their kids to have life beyond their homes. 
Mr. Yirenkyi indicated the point that, every child no matter their immediate comforts needs extra help which may not come from their parents or guardians and that it is the duty of the community, society, town, or country to offer that extra help which may be emotional, psychological and physical.
One of such child is John Clayman, a seven year old boy suffering from throat related tumor hampering him from eating and drinking properly as every normal child. Fortunately, IGI has been able to pay for some of his medical costs covering laboratory examinations, some medicines and a first surgery. John Clayman is not an orphan nor live in a foster home but his mother is a single parent not financially capable of bearing the accompanying medical costs. She is therefore relying on philanthropists, organizations and institutions everywhere to help save this distressed boy who until his recent first surgery could hardly sleep soundly at nights, drink or eat properly.

IGI believes strongly that every child, has a divine right to live happily and that diseases and sicknesses should not be allowed to deny any child the right to life when you and I can help.IGI has therefore decided to be part of rescuing this boy and hoping your conscience is right about helping to save this boy. Children deserve a garden of love from which they can have everything love, care and protection and it is our divine duty to ensure that this garden of love becomes a reality for all children wherever they live. 
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