Friday, 16 January 2015


                                                            THE MYSTERY ROCK
Indeed amazing things do happens any age in human existence. In a real life, discoveries are still possible especially in the remotes part of Africa.  In fact, some of these discoveries are so strange and mysterious that, they can send shivers down the spine to observers wondering if new things are being created every day or they have existed since the beginning of age.

One of such mystery is an amazing rock hidden in the forest of Asifaw, a remote settler village in the Akuapim North Municipality of Ghana. The inhabitants of the village call this rock “Oboyen” literally meaning the giant stone.
This amazing spectacle was revealed to IGI staff when they paid a community visits to Asifaw.             

Drawing inspiration from IGI’s encouragement of communities to identify their assets, the village took IGI staff to the forest and wow……this mysterious, amazing and beautiful rock was shown to IGI staff.

In fact this hidden or yet to be published rock is so huge to be captured in full view, to call to measure manually and looks like an umbrella from the front view, a mansion from the back view and a parachute from the top.
Certainly, you need to see it to describe it your own way. This rock is beautifully arranged, sedimentally so clear to count the various sediments through of the same rocks from top to down.

If you think, you have seen it all about mysterious rocks in Africa, and then prepare for a real, shocker by visiting the Oboyen rock hidden in the forest of Asifaw in the Akuapim North Municipality. Stay tuned for more shockers.

IGI Team- Building Community Asset.

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