Friday, 12 June 2015



Children remain the precious gifts to families, communities and nations. They need special care because they are young, they need unconditional love because they are defendless, they need constant protection because they are vulnerable and they need pure guidance and direction because they are not independent.
These virtues are exactly what, Mephibosheth Training Centre (MTC) at Ankamu on the Winneba – Apam highway is offering special children with some disabilities. MTC which has a slogan “A place of Possibilities” is a Basic School from Nursery to Junior High School (JHS) for children with silva pursy, autism as well as physical and mental challenges.

When IGI team visited the center, these special kids numbering sixty (60) in different classes were busily learning.The scenes though unfamiliar to some IGI team members,were lovely, heartwarming and all joy as their caring teachers amazingly teach them various subjects.  MTC was indeed A place of possibilities” to the IGI team members that visited the center.
According to the director, the school employs teachers and trains them before they (teachers) are engaged to teach in the school due to the peculiar nature of the kids at the center. The school also has a boarding facility in an environment that looks that sweet for kids.

IGI mission exists to mobilize volunteers to address community issues and build on community assets. These special kids still need more care and love from everyone living everywhere. IGI is therefore organizing a day internship programme. This visit will be a one day family day at the center with volunteers to help the kids with their cleaning, dishing, weeding, cooking, laundry, and other chores. The volunteers will also help the children with their class assignments and play games with the kids and workers at the center.
Items needed includes education materials, food, washing/bathing soup etc
This family day at MTC is dubbed “A day of care as a volunteer” and will start at 6:00am and ends at 6:00pm on Saturday 27th June 2015 for both Ghanaians and international volunteers to spend the entire twelve (12) hours at MTC. 
These special kids numbering sixty (60) could be inspired by your visit, feel more loved by your care, feel more cared for by your smile and feel capable by your assistance. In the end, this visit would further re-emphasize the slogan that “MTC is indeed a place of possibilities” 

IGI - You can inspire.

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