Thursday, 10 September 2015


Determined young people who are desirous of inspiring communities to reach out to positive change are always rare to find.
Such young people who are selfless at heart and altruistic in nature mostly contribute their efforts into making the world a better place WITHOUT expecting any material gains as rewards. These volunteers usually derive happiness and satisfaction when their efforts bring out empowerment to the communities which are deprived.
Certainly such rare young people are volunteers who have left the comfort and luxury back home in Europe but have opted to do voluntary activities in rural areas of Ghana. These volunteers are placed in some basic schools to teach, orphanages to provide child care and engage in rural communities’ activities.
Some of these new volunteers, who arrived on the 13th August, 2015 were taken through a five (5) day orientation seminar organised by the IGI management team to prepare the volunteers adequately to be able to stay for the next twelve (12) months in an entirely different terrain, the volunteers were taken through presentations, role plays, games, excursions to important places and festivals among others.

The specific topics covered were, Ghanaian cultures, Health & Safety Tips, Shopping & Transportation in Ghana, Crimes & Taboos in Ghana, Recreational & Tourist sites. Others were Project and Work Ethics, Host Family Stay, Visa issues among others.
The volunteers expressed deep satisfaction after the orientation seminar and they remarked that, they were NOW ready to stay in Ghana for the next twelve (12) months.
IGI indeed welcomes these courageous volunteers who have decided to be part of inspiring deprived communities to reach out to a change which gives oxygen to sustainable development.                             

IGI boldly says AKWAABA to these volunteers and expresses its willingness to manage these volunteers to the best of its abilities throughout their stay in Ghana.     

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