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Water saves life when it is wholesome and used hygienically, but it can also be source of many diseases when contaminated. In most basic schools in Ghana, teachers make water available for pupils and teachers for use. Unfortunately in most basic schools, pupils drink from the same barrel with one cup. This obviously continues to pose serious health risk to school pupils who ignorantly do not adhere to routine hygienic activities of washing the cups thoroughly after use. This is simply a dangerous phenomenon that must be curbed fast and now.

IGI as part of helping curb this health risk has started a project dubbed “One Cup per Child” for Basic schools in Ghana. The project started on the 29th January 2016, as IGI donated water barrels and cups to some selected schools during a well attended donation ceremony at Akim Oda Experimental Basic School.

To ensure the objective of curbing communicable diseases such as Cholera, Tuberculosis, Diarrhea etc in the basic schools, IGI embossed the cups with the names of the individual pupils, so that a cup becomes a permanent property of a pupil whose name is embossed on a cup, and he or she uses the cup alone. Schools such as Akim Oda St. Luke Catholic Basic School, Akim Oda Presby Basic School, Akim Oda S.D.A Basic School, Akim Oda Ridge Experimental Basic School and Agona Swedru Glovo Academy got donations of cups and water barrels.

IGI believes its goal of ensuring zero occurrences of communicable diseases in basic schools will be achieved with this project. IGI also hopes to extend this project to other deprived communities in Ghana this year with everyone’s involvement in the project.
Additionally, IGI volunteer, Alina from Germany also donated a laptop computer to Glovo Academy at the ceremony. IGI also presented certificates of Voluntary Internship to some volunteers who have served as Teaching Assistants at Glovo Academy, S.D.A Basic School and St. Luke Catholic from September and November 2015 to January 2016.

Acknowledging the importance of the project, the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) of Ghana Education Service at Birim Central expressed deep gratitude to IGI for the project which will serve as a wake-up call for the schools to follow suit. The officials from Social Welfare and Community Development at Birim Central were also delighted that IGI is really helping some communities that are in serious need. The
 beneficiary schools which attended the ceremony with some pupils as representatives did various demonstrations about the project and also expressed their joy for the donations


IGI believes, donations such as these though small will definitely perform crucial function in dealing with communicable diseases in schools. This is the beginning, so you can be part of it no matter how small your contribution may be.  Donate to buy a cup for a child and help stop the spread of communicable diseases in schools.

IGI Team 2016


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