Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Volunteering is always a good virtue especially in societies which are deprived. The existence of a volunteer in deprived communities has proven to be an important gesture in the pursuit of development through cultural exchange and knowledge transfer.

This explains why IGI continues to offer the opportunity for young people all over the world to be part of the project Africa. This project Africa is one that is envisaged to improve the fortunes of people living in deprived situations in Africa. IGI believes that, young people have a lot to offer especially because the future belongs to them. It is therefore prudent to create that responsibility of reaching out to the world to make it better.

IGI as an NGO continues to offer the young people the opportunity to work in schools, health centres and communities where (volunteers) are needed to fill the gap.

Currently, IGI is actively involved in making it volunteering service count in the important sectors of communities. Consequently, the current volunteers who are mostly Europeans are placed in Basic schools in the Central and Eastern Regions of Ghana. These volunteers are highly motivated after six days of orientation after their arrivals in August 2017. 

The orientations are used as preparatory seminars on topics such as the History, Political and Geography of Ghana, cultural issues, recreation and transportation among others. The orientations thus presented a great deal of opportunity for the volunteers to fully acquaint themselves with the realities of being volunteers in African cultures where everything might be so different. 

Since the placement in the various projects, the volunteers are mostly in schools having been teaching various projects as teaching assistants. Additionally, the volunteers have also been engaged with other activities at the schools. The pupils have been responding with love and affections for the volunteers, the reality of teaching in Ghanaian basic schools have been great experiences. They (volunteers) are always around many pupils in and out of class due to the fact that, most of the kids in the schools are for their first time encountering Europeans as their volunteer teachers.

Apart from the school projects which have taken the better times of the volunteers, the volunteers have also made some trips to the IGI skills training village at Kwesikum in the Agona East District of the Central Region of Ghana. The skills training which is being developed into a training hub in dress making, shoe making, batik making, beads making as well as capacity training centre for youths and women is catching the attention of these volunteers in seeking sponsorships to build the needed infrastructure. So far, the volunteers are solidly behind IGI in the realization of the goal of giving skills training to youths in over hundred 100 villages in the enclave. 

Additionally, some of the volunteers have engaged the children from the villages in painting and writing activities in order to expose them to some European cultures which are necessary for the development of the children. IGI is so far extremely proud of the activities and the motivation of the volunteers in their projects and IGI activities.
IGI strongly believes that the current volunteers under its management are poised to be actively part in the project Africa because the communities have themselves shown great signs of taking their destinies into their own hands to succeed.


IGI and its volunteers are motivated to join these communities in the realization of their dreams of improving their livelihood. Our volunteers are indeed courageous.

IGI - Building Community Assets!!! 

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