Friday, 6 April 2018


This year, we had our IGI-Work-camp from the 18th to the 24th of February. We were a group of 16 volunteers from Swedru, Akim Oda and Winneba. Also three 6 volunteers from  Kumasi  joined us as well as Williams, our project manager, and our mentors Carolyn,
Jennifer and Ophelia.

Camp Site

IGI Land
We arrived in Kwesikum in the afternoon around 4 pm. First thing to do was to decide, where to sleep: in one of three tents on the IGI land, in the cocoa house or in a host family. By drawing lots everybody got their place, moved there and prepared their bed. Monday morning we all went to different schools in Duakwa and Kwesikum to work with the teachers and the children. For all of us it was somehow different compared to our work in our projects. We made the experience, that there are serious problems in the schools in the deprived communities like absence of students and teachers or missing school items. Additionally, a lot of the children did not understand the English language, what made it not easy for us to communicate with them. After returning to the camp site we discussed about our experiences and had supper together.
The next days were shaped by work on different farms. In small groups we accompanied the farmers to a cocoa farm, a palm-nut and orange farm, helped transporting maize and planting of cocoa seedlings. We learned a lot about the farm work, harvested cocoa and peeled the seeds out of it. At the palm-nut farm we peeled the palm-nuts and learned, how the farmers prepare the red oil out of it through an exhausting work. Making all these experiences showed us that the farmers in Ghana are very hard-working people. In the evening two of our volunteers held a talk about water-borne diseases on the market place of Kwesikum.

Wednesday afternoon was our kids day: During the week before the camp we prepared a funfair for the children of the community. We invited them and their parents to the IGI-land to play and have fun with us. They could play football, draw, make bracelets out of wool, make a sack race and got coloured make up. We played music loudly and danced together with the kids. After we finished that lovely funny afternoon we had a bonfire, ate stick bread and sang songs together.

 Additionally to the work in the schools and on the farms we also made a familiarisation to get to know the people in the communities and how they live. For this, we went to Kokorabo, a small community close to Kwesikum. We spend some there, talked to the people and learned a lot about their life and work. After that we all came together and had a talk about bilharzia and personal hygiene. The people of the community were very thankful for our visit and invited us to eat banana, coconuts and drink palm-wine, which we all enjoyed together.

 When we came back to Kwesikum another surprise waited for us: some of the men in Kwesikum invited us to prepare and eat Fufu with them, we really enjoyed a lot.
The work-camp in Kwesikum was a great experience for all of us. Here we learned a lot about the life and work in a deprived community.

We experienced a week without electricity, flowing water or a real shower and toilet. We had to fetch the water for showering on our own and carry it through the whole village - on our heads of course.

 In the evening it got dark around 7pm and there was no  light any more – also something new for us.
All in all we had a great time together with a lot of new impressions, fun and hard work. Even our group became closer by working together and helping each other.

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