Friday, 20 July 2018


In July and August 2017 these courageous young men and women from Germany arrived in Ghana as volunteers to assist children with love, affection and generosity through teaching and caring as school assistants.

In Agona Swedru, Winneba, Gomoa Akropong, Agona Kwanyako, Agona Oteiprow, Akim Oda  Aboabo, Agona Duakwa and Kwesikum, these volunteers offered their services to humanity.
In their experiences as volunteers, they saw deprived kids, those whose crimes were lateness, non - payment of feeding fees or poor academic performance.

They also integrated into the Ghanaian beautiful and unique culture of sharing, comradeship, hospitality and respect for morality.

In their host families where they stayed for one year, they enjoyed delicious Ghanaian delicacies, engaged in fruitful discussions and witnessed some beliefs for the first time in their lives.
In their stay as volunteers in Ghana, they didn’t run back to Germany by the challenges of culture difference. 

Rather they were motivated by the uniqueness of the experiences and stayed, shared and exchanged alternatives and cultures. Despite their shortcomings as foreigners to the Ghanaian cultures, they compromised on unusual cultures, integrated into sometimes difficult social settings and made their stay memorable.

As they end their services as volunteers in Ghana, the children they have touched, families they have stayed with and friends they have enjoyed through good and bad times, they remained indelible as school assistants, friends, siblings and colleagues  even if they will not be physically present in Ghana.

IGI is proud of your stay and salutes these gallant volunteers who have experienced many for their lifetimes. Danke.

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