Sunday, 17 March 2019


The joy of every well-meaning person or organization is to see the vulnerable and the needy happy. In fact in most cases,  the sources of happiness of the weak and the needy are from very simple and relevant supports from others.

This explains why IGI and its volunteers continue to offer important and relevant supports to communities,  schools and people who are in need. IGI believes that supporting the communities where children live is priceless investments in the future generations. That's why IGI and its volunteers takes the joy in identifying the needy and extending supports to them. 

Hopefully one day we will also be in school. That is a simply saying with these lovely children. 

Such supports were offered by IGI and its volunteers to Agona Kwesikum, Glovo Foster Home and Kokorabo in the Central Region where IGI donated drinking cups, toothpaste, toothbrushes and clothings who needed them. The volunteers who were instrumental in the donations were excited by the reception of the beneficiaries in these communities.

Thanks for your donation. George Asante (Glovo Academy)

At Akim Oda Presbyterian Basic School in the Eastern Region, an IGI volunteer having seen the desire to be of help to the school donated 50 chairs for the KG class.

                  Health Care

IGI is hopeful these gestures will continue as long as such challenges exist looking for solutions in its areas of operations. 

We are glad to have you back to our school with such a great donations. Thank you madam Katharina 

We are indeed reaching out to communities in need and developing community assets.

I'm proud to be an IGI volunteer in Ghana. 

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