Thursday, 6 June 2019


To make possible impacts in the Ghanaian societies, I.G.I continues to extend some important gestures through donations. I.G.I believes that everyone needs encouragement and support in any area of endeavor. For anyone to stand and walk, he/she first crawl and that requires support to make it easier and possible.

As I.G.I engaged in social empowerment activities such as education, health and community development, women empowerment with the spirit of volunteerism as an important pivot. 

In order to enhance the learning of I.C.T at the primary level, I.G.I donated twelve (12) desktop computers to Church of Christ Basic School at Agona Swedru in the Agona West Municipality of the Central Region. I.G.I believes these donations will facilitate the practical aspects of I.C.T in the school and stimulate the learning of the subject. 
Paul presenting the donations

At Kwesikum, Kokorabo and Kwesi Paintsil all in Agona East district I.G.I donated four (4) bails of used clothes to deprived people who are genuinely in need of them. 

                                                                At Kwesikum

The appreciation of the recipients was great and I.G.I is elated for the gestures.

Medase (thank you)
To compliment the effort of the government in the delivery of services to the people, I.G.I believes little gestures regardless of the quantum from non- state actors such as N.G.Os are important.

Passport office in Accra

Therefore, I.G.I has recently donated two public address speakers and stands to the passport office in Accra under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ghana.

                                                                      The PA system

I.G.I hopes to continue these important gestures in making the Ghanaian societies more productive and fruitful. I.G.I is grateful for the reception of the beneficiary institutions.

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