Tuesday, 3 December 2019


The life of the rural settings are usually predictable but beautiful always. The young go to school and the old make the counts productively by working in the farms. From cocoa to root and tubers, to cereals and vegetables plantations, the rural folks work so hard to cater for their families.

It is therefore a privilege when, strangers or visitors get the opportunity to spend any day with a family in a rural community. It offers the visitor the rich experience of having first hand “adventure” working with a family in a plantation. 
This was such opportunity that was offered to IGI volunteers on Friday 25th October, 2019 to have a day experience with some families at Kwesikum in the Agona East of Central Region. 

The volunteers numbering twenty three (23), worked on cocoa and maize plantations in groups with different families. As foreign volunteers in Ghana who are engaged in schools as school assistants, the volunteers were thrilled by the reality of working in farms and plantations for the first time. This was a rare opportunity for the volunteers to have spent the entire day by interacting, eating and getting to know how it feels to live in rural settings.

For the volunteers, the time may have been short, the conversations may have been passive, their work rate may have been low but the echoes of their experiences will always live with them.

For the families, this opportunity was important for inter- cultural experiences and the helping hand from the volunteers. IGI will definitely continue to provide such opportunities for its volunteers to experience variety of activities and different social settings with different livelihood in Ghana. 

IGI therefore hopes to send its volunteers soon to the Eastern Region for similar family day with families in a typical rural setting.

On this occasion, the rural communities, the volunteers and IGI will continue to cement that bond of relationship aimed at building community assets through volunteerism.

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