Wednesday, 26 February 2020


In the hinterlands of Agona East in the Central, IGI just brought another youth work camp to a beautiful end. The one week camp which had over twenty (20) foreign and local youth engaged in some educational, community based, health delivery enhancement among others.

The experience of camping in a typical village without electricity, running water and reliable internet connectivity was really sacred and rare to the volunteers. The beautiful scenery of strong and healthy trees, green plants of all varieties, whistling and melodious voices of birds and other animals and the amazing interactions with the village folks have undoubtedly become indelible imprints in the hearts of the volunteers as they confessed after the camp.

This unique hospitality provided by nature and the people obviously overpowered the few challenges of the high temperature and mosquitoes in the night especially. The enthusiasm of the volunteers clearly was manifested in the activities they engaged in the schools, health care center, water treatment company, and skills capacity building.

In the basic schools of Duotu AEDA , Kwesipaintil and Kwesikum AEDA, the IGI volunteers painted some classroom blocks and drew some objects on the walls to serve as Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs). In addition a Health Center was also painted in Agona Kenyanko.

They also did presentations on keeping the environment clean through a CLEAN GHANA PROJECT an IGI flagship project aimed at conscientizing Ghanaians especially students to help in the fight against the plastic menace. The volunteers provided alternatives for the productive use of the plastics by giving the schools practical skills of making soccer and volleyball nets with used water sachets.

These activities in the schools were awesome and brought joy to the students and teachers as they benefitted from the paintings, the clean Ghana presentations and made soccer and volleyball nets from sachet water with the fullest participation of the students as the manufacturers.

 IGI is indeed satisfied with this because it perfectly fits into one of the core values of IGI which is " helping communities to identify their assets"

The volunteers acting as labourers provided assistance to the Pioneer Water Treatment Company at Agona Duakwa in the Agona East District. The volunteers utilized the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the processes involved in the production of Pioneer sachet water as well as helping in the human resource areas as volunteers for the whole week.

IGI is eternally grateful to the company as it has given more insights into the production of the Pioneer sachet water and created beautiful memories for the volunteers as the wholesome water of choice for them.

The volunteers also engaged in the construction of the IGI skills training workshop which when completed will provide free skills training to the youths in the enclave of Kwesikum, Kwesi Paintsil, Kokorabo, Duotu, Duabone, Krobofo, Kenyanko, Fante Bawjiase, Duakwa, Mensakrom, and other areas of both far and near.

The work camp which started on Sunday 9th February 2020 ended on the 14th February 2020 with sweet memories of the volunteers who came from Central and Eastern Regions of the country. In the end, IGI is proud to have provided the platform through the camp for volunteers to show enormous love and care to the communities and schools in the month of love.

 Kudos to IGI volunteers and management, the schools, Pioneer Water Company, the traditional leaders of Kwesikum, Duotu, Duakwa and the District Assembly for a successful work camp.

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